A symposium at Univ. Aarhus, Denmark: networks, interactions, islands

A symposium at Univ. Aarhus, Denmark: networks, interactions, islands

Jens M. Olesen is organizing a symposium “Mother Nature: networks, interactions, islands” for next March 2004 at Aarhus Univ., Dept. Ecology and Genetics. This is a 2-d meeting with exciting talks and discussion, the invited speakers including: Scott Armbruster, Jordi Bascompte, Lars Chittka, Joel Cohen, Yoko Dupont, Bodil Ehlers, Manuel Nogales, Ophelie Ronce, John N. Thompson, Anna Traveset, and Alfredo Valido. I’ll be there too…

Alfredo Valido joins IEG with a post-doc position

Alfredo Valido will join our group, starting Jan 2004, with a post-doc Marie Curie Fellowship from the EU and an i3P contract from CSIC. These grants are for a 3-yr period. We’ll be doing research on Canary Island fleshy fruits and seed dispersers, chiefly comparisons of fruit traits of congeners in the islands and the Iberian Peninsula. We are planning a major update for the FRUBASE database, and additional research on dispersal patterns by Canary Island giant lizards.