Visitors form INIA group and great discussion

Today we had a great visit: Peter Smouse and Fréderic Austerlitz with the group at INIA, including Ricardo Alía, Santiago C. González-Martínez, Juanjo Robledo-Arnuncio and María Valbuena Carabaña. We were discussing for the whole day about gene flow estimates for pollen and seed dispersal in woody species. We presented our ongoing research as brief talks (on our part, Godo, Cris, Jordi and myself) and fantastic discussion.

John Sabo and Leah Gerber with us

John and Leah are just arrived in Sevilla. They’ll be with us for 6 weeks, collaborating chiefly with Jordi.



I’ve started a collaboration with José María Gómez (Rocka) to study dispersal patterns of Quercus ilex acorns by jays Garrulus glandarius and mice Apodemus sylvaticus. We’ll be using microsatellite markers and our goal at this moment is just startup and select the markers and test them. For that we’ll be using samples of cached acorns for which Rocka has a good record of the foraging patterns of the jays and mice. The project is a 1-yr study and is integrated in a larger project carried out by Rocka and Geno Schupp.