Kimberly arrived

Kimberly Holbrook arrived today. She will be here with a post-doc contract (Juan de la Cierva post-doc from the Spanish Minsterio de Educación), working on seed dispersal patterns of tropical species compared to temperate species. What we want to do is to assess comparatively the long-distance dispersal patterns mediated by tropical and non-tropical frugivores.

Visits to IEG

Visits to IEG

We had a number of visits at IEG during September and the first half of October: Andy Jones (at STRI, Panama), and Sabrina Russo (Univ. Cambridge, UK), Yoshihisa Suyama and Motoshi Tomita (Tohoku Univ, Japan). Also we had Margarita Rios, from Colombia (Fundación Ecoandina y Wildlife Conservation Society) for a short stay at the lab. In addition Paulo came for a short stay.

Joel Cohen visit

This week we had the pleasure of having Joel Cohen visiting us. Invited by Jordi, he was discussing work with different people, and gave an interesting talk. We visited Doñana natl. park and the Los Alcornocales area.

Visitors form INIA group and great discussion

Today we had a great visit: Peter Smouse and Fréderic Austerlitz with the group at INIA, including Ricardo Alía, Santiago C. González-Martínez, Juanjo Robledo-Arnuncio and María Valbuena Carabaña. We were discussing for the whole day about gene flow estimates for pollen and seed dispersal in woody species. We presented our ongoing research as brief talks (on our part, Godo, Cris, Jordi and myself) and fantastic discussion.

John Sabo and Leah Gerber with us

John and Leah are just arrived in Sevilla. They’ll be with us for 6 weeks, collaborating chiefly with Jordi.

Visit: Mauro

Mauro Galetti visiting Sevilla

Mauro Galetti is visiting us during March. We will be working on collaboration projects with fleshy fruits characteristics, specifically with Mata Atlantica species. We are also preparing the next frugivory and seed dispersal course in Brazil for next May-June. Our collaboration now has support from a bilateral agreement between Brazilian CNPq and Spanish CSIC. You can find more details about our shared interest in the web page.